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Cross platform development frameworks - Raygain

Cross platform development Frameworks to Choose for the Next Mobile App: Flutter and React Native

Cross-Platform App Development


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Key Features of Cross-Platforms for Mobile App Development

React Native

  • React native provides a more native look and feel and the dependence on javascript can easily solve complex applications.
  • React native apps perform better on devices with limited storage as React native apps have smaller binary sizes.
  • Due to a vast number of libraries and third-party plugins, react native provides readily available solutions for problems.
  • The large and active community provides extensive resources and continuous support for development and troubleshooting.


  • Flutter can lead to a smoother user experience in graphically intensive applications using ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation.
  • Flutter apps can be a drawback for applications with large file sizes, where storage efficiency is critical, as the Dart runtime increases the binary size of Flutter apps.
  • Flutter has a Growing ecosystem. It is rapidly expanding, and Google’s strong support ensures enhancements and a growing number of tools and libraries.
  • Flutter’s architecture and characteristics make it suitable for scalable applications.






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